Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica and Patagonia, 2018

© Ian Robertson, 2018. All rights reserved.

A long-awaited trip to the Southern Ocean to photograph wildlife and landscapes. We started in Santiago, had a brief look at the Andes, and then by boat from Puerto Madryn, via the Falklands, South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula to Usuaia, Patagonia, Cape Horn and Punta Arenas. We vere very lucky with the weather in the Falklands and South Georgia but it couldn't last and landing in Antarctica was impossible.

Nesting Black Browed Albatross - Falkland Islands
Nesting Black Browed Albatross - Falkland Islands
© Ian Robertson, 2018 / Image PA240105 / 1/250 sec at f / 16 / Lens 135 mm

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